Workout Motivation | 3 Ways To Mentally Prepare For A Workout | Fitness Advice- Thomas DeLauer

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Workout Motivation | 3 Ways to Mentally Prepare for a Workout | Fitness Advice- Thomas DeLauer…

What? Oh sorry. I was mentally preparing. Hey. This video is all about the mental preparation before a workout, because quite frankly, it’s more important than your nutrition for the short term, so I’m here to give you three ways to increase your mental capacity before a workout to get yourself motivated, and I’m going to start with the most important one, and that is that action precedes motivation. What does that mean? It means that by literally getting moving and taking action, you’re going to get yourself more motivated than you would if you were trying to wait for that motivation to naturally occur.

You see, studies are showing that yes, the first step is more difficult, quite literally, but then once you’re moving, the nerve transmitters and the hormones are flowing through your body enough to allow you to have more motivation. So many people sit around, and they wait for motivation to kick in. That’s quite literally the definition of procrastination, so don’t wait for the motivation. You literally have to almost let yourself be dumb and just get moving. What I mean by being dumb is rolling out of bed, and just get moving, and then let the motivation kick in. You don’t have to be super alert and super perfect to just get going. That’s going to come later. You’re going to get that mental acuity and that prowess that you need once you’re already rolling, so that’s my advice for you on that one.

The second one is obvious, and that’s put the phone away. It’s actually there because it’s a little bit different. Now I’ll be the first to say that the person that is sitting in the squat rack playing on their phone is probably one of the only people that I ever encounter that I want to smack upside the head and ask to leave the gym, and I’m a pretty calm, docile guy for the most part, unless I’m in Bermuda, but only those guys know about that story.

You see, when our brain is trying to fire up different activities at the same time, it’s very inefficient, and believe it or not, we actually don’t have the ability to multitask. It’s called task switching. Our brain can’t fire all these things at the same time. It actually has to segment and switch back and forth. Now an expecting mother or a new mother might be a little bit better at task switching than some of us guys, but by and large, we still don’t have the ability to do it, so being on your phone takes the focus away from the workout, and since working out is a mind muscle connection just like Arnold Schwarzenegger would always say, it’s very important that you’re able to have the acuity and the attention to be able to focus on your mind connected to the muscle to get the right isolation and the right kind of workout.

The next one is Rhodiola rosea, and that’s actually a supplement. It’s an herb. It’s not a particular supplement. It’s literally a component of many supplements, but what Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic herb. It’s also been known as Arctic root or golden root, and an adaptogenic herb essentially helps your body develop homeostasis using non-specific ways to target areas of the body to make you more resistant and acceptable of stress. But how does it affect motivation? Well, studies have shown that those that take Rhodiola rosea compared to a controlled placebo group saw almost a 100% increase in their mental acuity, their motivation, and their awareness.

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